Still in the game… tentatively

I went into this morning’s appointment hoping for a fairly clear answer one way or the other, and instead I feel like we are somewhere in the grey area…  At our ultrasound he counted 7 follicles on the right (up 2 from our baseline), and then over on the left, just one (down 2 from baseline).  So somehow I’m still locked in at crazy eights, but my left ovary is not helping us out much…  The sizes on both sides were ~8mm.  It still didn’t seem clear to me why my estrogen levels are so much lower than they ‘should’ be (he was looking for around 150 at my first test where I was at 71).  He said it could be related to quality 😦

So I have very mixed feelings.  On the one hand, it’s good that we still have 8 follicles and that they are at an ok (not great) size, but if the estrogen level suggests they may not be good quality, then it’s hard to justify continuing with all of this only to still end up with nothing.  He suggested we put in our order for another 900iu of Follistim and keep going through the weekend with injections and blood tests and we will do another ultrasound Monday morning and re-evaluate.  Until then, we’ll hope to see a bigger increase in my estrogen levels over these next few blood tests.  I’ll update once I get today’s number.  I’m starting to feel very lopsided!

**Update: just got the call, estrogen is at 154 (yesterday was 108), still creeping slowly :-/ , instructed to up Menopur to 3 vials, keep Follistim at 300iu.

Anyone know anything about successes when starting off with lower then ideal / slow rising estrogen levels?



  1. I’m not sure about the estrogen element I’m afraid but I had some really slow follies on this last cycle. I checked out SO much stuff online and found lots of info to suggest increasing your protein intake and drinking loads of milk and water whilst keeping your tummy warm all the time helped your follies grow. Desperate I tried it. My follies grew way quicker after that! Now it may be coincidence I don’t know?! Good luck!


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