A week of crazy! And finally figuring out intralipids.

I am officially one week away from the transfer of our last 2 embryos!  I have been trying to balance getting everything in line to prepare for the transfer with getting paperwork and phone calls etc. done for starting the new business (which I won’t name for the sake of any shreds of anonymity left to me in this blog!), when a huge wrench got thrown in.  And it was completely my fault for not being prepared.  I had agreed to give a seminar lecture at a University a couple of cities away a few months ago, and proceeded to NOT put it in my calendar and completely forget.  So, imagine my surprise on Monday when I got an email thanking me for agreeing to do the talk Thursday and giving me directions etc.  My jaw literally dropped.  It’s really not like me to forget something this big!  Needless to say, I had a LOT of work to do to pull together something resembling a coherent lecture.  I, of course, chose a topic that I didn’t have a powerpoint ready to go for, even though it was based on a review paper I had written.  Argh!  Monday and Tuesday were already jam packed with appointments (including our lining check, which was right on!) and yoga classes so I didn’t get a chance to even start work on it until Tuesday evening.

I had also been debating going with my husband to Austin on a work trip combined with visiting his parents.  I would have left with him on Tuesday.  Finding out I was supposed to be here giving a talk on Thursday sealed the cancellation of those flights!  I had been 90% sure I was going to stay anyway, primarily because I really wanted to go to my local Resolve group meeting Wednesday night and the fact that my current weird food regimen would be tough to maintain traveling, and especially while staying with the in-laws.  So, imagine my disappointment when I ended up missing the meeting anyway because I had way too much work to do to finish my presentation, which I spent all day Wednesday glued to two computers working on.  I got so close to going, I even made the snack I had promised to bring and changed clothes so I could leave the apartment, and then I just had to admit to myself that I really couldn’t go.  So I sadly stayed home and ate the snack (one of my new favorite things- home made plantain chips + a black bean dip) as my dinner and stayed attached to the computer.


A photo from my first batch of plantain chips

I made it to the lecture, gave what was definitely not one of my best performances with a presentation that was not as polished as my usual standards, but I did it.  I escaped with only a mildly awkward post-talk pizza and beer session where I easily excused myself from the beer with the 2 hour drive excuse, and managed a late lunch excuse for the pizza (thankfully the pizza didn’t look that great, so it wasn’t as harsh of a test of my willpower as it could have been!).  By the time I made it home at about 9:30pm I was exhausted and starving, and no husband waiting to give me a big hug and tasty grain free vegetarian meal!  But, alas, it is over and I am back to getting ready for the transfer and navigating new business ownership!

While all of this was going on I was trying to get an appointment for an intralipid IV set up.  From reading a post by someone else I started looking into Walgreens home infusion services.  It turns out their partner here couldn’t do it but the person I spoke with asked if I had tried another local home infusion company.  I called them and lo and behold they said they could do it and it would be around $200!  A great improvement over the $600 + hour drive each way and $1,250 for a 5 treatment package options I had found before!  They said they just needed an order from my Dr.  And he actually agreed to do it!!  I was amazed, and then it got complicated!  First, I had to try to figure out the right dose and duration to make sure he gave the right order since this is not something he does.  I used this website to get an idea of the dosage, but I wasn’t sure if there was a standard dose for fertility or if it was based on body weight/blood volume.  I called a local RE clinic that I knew uses intralipids for their patients and confirmed that it is a standard dose.  Hazaah!  My answer was 100ml of 20% intralipid administered in 400ml of saline (if anyone wants to know!).  I sent all of the information to my Dr with the fax number to have it sent over to the infusion company.  Got the word that he’d sent it and I thought all was well!

Wrong!  The infusion company saw no such fax.  The back and forth began in the wild triangle between me, my Dr/nurse at Kaiser, and the infusion company!  The next day, my Dr confirmed that they sent the fax, again.  And again, nothing was received at the infusion company… what??  Finally yesterday they told me they got the fax, but they didn’t have the dosage information!  At last, this morning I got to the point of setting up the actual appointment for this evening, one week before the transfer.  If we hadn’t been able to work it out today I might have given up my intralipid quest, but it amazingly worked out!

It came to $235 for all of the supplies, equipment, the intralipid solution, and the nurse to come to my apartment to administer the IV.  I am now the proud owner of my very own IV bag-holder-pole-stand-thing, and a box full of IV related items!  I guess we’ll see if I’ll be using any of it again!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the nurse was very nice and I put on Bridget Jone’s Diary and we lounged on the couch (well, I lounged, she was doing some work).  The IV itself was in my left hand, it mostly just felt cold going up my arm.  It was pretty nice to be at home I must say, definitely better than a 2 hour round trip (I had pretty much decided against that option because of the attitude of the staff I spoke with there anyway).  I just hope that this combined with the endometrial scratching, digestive healing, circle and bloom meditations, and acupuncture (which I can finally go to again after going to the Dr on Tuesday to renew my referral) will make all of the difference and these two little embryos will stay put.  I certainly feel like we are pulling out all the stops.  I just hope the extra stress of the past week doesn’t counteract any of these things!  I am scheduled to start progesterone, prednisone, doxycycline, and baby aspirin on Sunday when my husband gets home.

So now, I’m set up for a quiet weekend here on my own.  We are hoping Friday will be Good indeed (my play on the fact that we are doing the transfer on Good Friday- joking that ‘it must be a good day, it says so right on the calendar’ as we scheduled it!).



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