Feeling (mostly) human again, first childbirth class & mommy/birthday retreat this weekend!

I can’t believe it’s October already and that I’m in week 29!

My allergy/cold has thankfully quickly progressed from the congestion and post-nasal drip phase to the coughing phase.  This is good because I can breath again, which means more sleep!  Just the occasional coughing fits, which are sometimes a bit painful, and joy of coughing up stuff from my throat/lungs.  Not sure what our little one is thinking of all this commotion from the coughing and sneezing shaking up it’s little world inside my belly!  Definitely an improvement over the beginning of the week though!  Thanks again to those who offered advice, I did the saline nasal sinus rinsing and though it wasn’t the miracle cure I’d hoped for, I think it did help.  I have also had a few throat/cough drops but managed to avoid taking any more serious meds.

Last night was my first childbirth class- I decided to sign us up for the 6 week program offered through Kaiser so I could be familiar with their policies and find out what options they offer to see how that will fit in with my image of how I’d like things to go.  It is a small class, only 2 other couples!  I think this is a good thing as it will hopefully keep things moving along with lots of time for questions.  So far it’s not too far off what I expected, we did a few stretches and she really emphasized massages for the pregnant ladies, which I always support!  I know it will follow the typical birth phases protocol, which is a little different from the hypnobirthing book I’m reading, but I’m happy to have some different perspectives to draw from.  I’d still like to find a weekend intensive hypnobirthing class but it seems all of the ones around here have 5 week programs, which seems a little much with our already 6 week evening commitment.  Hopefully I’ll get all of my questions answered over the next several weeks!

We leave tomorrow for our combined ‘babymoon’ and birthday retreat!  I’m really looking forward to getting out of this heat and unpacking craziness for a few days to focus fully on relaxing and baby thoughts!  I’m planning to bring a few books along but mostly just want to really enjoy this escape!  The special mommy treatment will happen on Sunday, and then birthday celebrations on Monday.  Not sure yet what the birthday celebrations will entail, but most likely some hot springs (in my case- warm springs), and a nice dinner somewhere.  Nothing too crazy!

Hopefully when we get back we’ll be able to get a new cabinet and our outdoor shed built, which will do wonders for my ability to put things away and get this place in shape so we can start focusing on getting baby ready and coming up with our registry in time for a baby shower next month!  We also have our next appointment right after we get back, so hoping all is still good!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Glad that everything is going great, and I’m so excited for you to enjoy your baby/birthday moon! What a great idea. I wish we had a chance to do something like that, but with my wife’s work schedule (ie. No option for taking days off), we can’t. We did a private birthing class and then also read Hypnobirthing, and if you’re looking for some Hypnobirthing class-like content you could go on YouTube and there are some guided visualization on there. From what I have heard, the class isn’t very different from the book, so if you can nail down the breathing and visualizations, you probably don’t need the class 🙂


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