8.5 Month Update

I decided to do halfway-through-month-9 update since I’m sure things will be chaotic and focused on the birth when I would normally do a 9 month update!  I’m really hoping the baby will be ready to come a little on the early side- fingers are crossed for this weekend after we hit the 39 week mark!  We have just started doing a few things to help naturally encourage the little guy or girl to get ready to explore the world outside of my belly- long walks, red raspberry leaf tea, primrose oil, acupuncture/pressure, etc.

Month 9 so far has been a little different, it has brought with it a return of the dreaded painful hemorrhoids (unfortunately), middle of the night snacking, and more practice contractions.

General Update:

Medications: 75mcg levothyroxine, occasional tums

Supplements: Still taking digestive enzymes, B12, iron blood builder, multi/prenatal,  algae omegas, brazil nuts, vitamin D, L-glutamine, I’ve started doing the probiotic powder again a couple of times and it’s gone ok so far.

Weight gain: Somewhere in the 160s and I’m thinking 25-30 lb gain

Sleep: Still good!  Starting to get up twice more frequently and getting a snack around 3-4am.

Symptoms/Feeling: Still lots of pressure- hence the hemorrhoids, still some restless leg and heartburn but really nothing compares with the hemorrhoids- they are officially the worst!  I really can’t complain, I know a lot of women experience a lot more discomfort at this point!  Contractions are still mostly concentrated in the upper right corner of my belly, I had my first acupuncture apt last night in months and I noticed about 6 during that time, it was actually really cool to be laying there doing nothing else and fully experience the wave-like tightening of the contraction and practice breathing through it- even though they’re not really painful yet it felt like good practice for when they are!

Best moments of the 1/2 month

  • Finishing the rocking chair by getting the cushions we ordered and making the covers from this great organic fabric.
  • Getting a new bed with solid wood frame and latex + wool+ organic cotton mattress (to replace an ikea frame and mattress my husband had used for years before we even met!)
  • Selling a few things we needed to get rid of on Craig’s list- still have a few more things that need to go…
  • Figuring out the heating situation, the house has been freezing at night and in the AM, I was a little worried it would be too cold for the little one (yes I know I live in SoCal, but it does get chilly and the house has pretty much zero insulation!)
  • Scoring an amazing deal on a silk ring sling I really wanted, and in my favorite color!
  • Finishing the blanket I have been knitting for months!
  • Finally feeling like we have things ready enough to welcome the little one here!


Miss anything: Life without hemorrhoids!  Sorry to keep mentioning them, but they really influence everything when they are this painful!

Exercise: Still doing my prenatal yoga classes- hopefully the last ones this week (though I will miss them, they have been awesome!)!

Movement: Tons of moving around yesterday- textbook response in our Non-Stress Test yesterday (yes I went this time… but hoping it might be the last time).  Trying to savor these moments with the little one all to myself.

Food cravings: Not so much, just good, warm, seasonal food!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, feeling good!

Gender: We are definitely waiting for birth to find out!

Belly: Coconut oil has kept things smooth and stretch mark free, belly button still fighting to stay in.

Purchases for me: Nursing night gown, wooden basket for breastfeeding supplies to be mobile, supplies to make lactation cookies and padcicles (based on this website, but I used 100% aloe- no color, and natracare new mother pads which don’t have individual wrappers).


Purchases/preparations for the baby: Washing and organizing all of the new clothes, changing & sleeping items.  Going to our cloth diapering class to practice our trifold skills to use under the cloth diaper covers we have.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!  Although the hemorrhoids definitely make me more moody!

Looking forward to: Baby’s birthday!  Hoping for 12/12/15!  Come on baby!  A couple more photos of the baby’s set-up:




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